Here’s How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Let’s face it: We are all obsessed with selfies. We take selfies alone or with friends, at home or outdoor, with or without make up. So how can we get the best result? As you might know, there is plenty of applications to improve your photo: you can change the lights, put a filter and even cover pimples and change the color of your eyes.

However, here are some tips on how to take the best selfie without using all those applications!

Firstly, find your good side. Take 5 minutes to actually stand in front of the camera and understand which one is your best angle. Once you do, you’ll always know how to strike a pose while taking a selfie.

Don’t take useless selfie, make them about something new and interesting. Whether it’s your new haircut or earrings, make sure there’s something interesting to highlight. You don’t want to appear as a narcissistic selfies-addicted.

The best selfies are always full-length photo. To make the photo look betters, tilt your hip to the same side you’re holding the camera in and make your free hand rest on your other hip.

Also, cross your legs at the ankle and stand naturally. To complete the perfect selfie, just smile. A smile is the best way to take a beautiful picture. Be cheerful and the result will be great!

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