Buying Vintage Denim: A Guide

With many of us wanting to make more sustainable choices when it comes to our clothes buying, vintage shopping is on the rise. Not only does buying vintage avoid contributing to the mass production of clothes through fast fashion, but vintage items can also represent good value as the quality of the clothes is extremely high.

One of the most popular items to buy in vintage is jeans, due to the timelessness of many styles and the durability of denim. But buyers need to take care, to ensure that what they’re buying is genuine and will last them for years to come. If you’re thinking of investing in some vintage denim, read this guide before you do so.

Check Sizing

Many people are aware that clothes sizes have shifted over the past few decades. The best way to get around this is to try vintage items on. Take your time in the dressing room, and don’t forget to try sitting down to see how the jeans fit your body at all angles. Denim is a stiff, hard-wearing material, and if the jeans are digging in even slightly, chances are you will regret buying them. Prioritize comfort, because buying something you feel comfortable in will help you feel confident and look good.

Check Seams

Check the seams of the denim, especially in the crotch area as this is where the seams on jeans can wear through. Check the pockets, and pull pocket linings out so you can check for holes or staining. Small holes in the pocket lining are easy to fix with some quick hand sewing, but holes or tears in the seams are more of a problem and may require the services of a tailor to fix.

Check the Style

Before you go shopping for vintage jeans, collect some images of the style you are interested in buying. Are you looking for a classic high rise, or perhaps some noughties-inspired low-rise jeans? The images will help you sort through collections of denim on the shop floor, as often vintage shops have vast ranges of jean styles to choose from.

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