Brand-New Horror Shows Everyone is Raving About This Fall

Our favorite TV networks and streaming services usually wait until the fall to drop their long-awaited horror and fantasy shows. They went down the same road this year and here are some of the spookiest new shows you should be binging right now.

Interview With the Vampire

Vampire-themed TV shows are going stronger than ever this year. Anne Rice’s iconic gothic novel about the trials and tribulations of centuries-old vampire Lestat de Lioncourt got a new adaptation, which premiered to critical acclaim on AMC.

Let the Right One In

Another vampire-themed show worth watching, Let the Right One In tells the tale of a young vampire trying to adapt to this new way of life alongside her caring father.

Werewolf By Night

If you want to take a break from vampire shows and watch ones inspired by werewolves, this one might be your cup of tea. It’s Marvel’s latest show on Disney+ and it focuses on a monster hunter, afflicted with a curse that turns him into a werewolf.

The Midnight Club

Mike Flanagan gave us some of the best Netflix horror shows in recent years, and his legacy continues with The Midnight Club. It centers on a group of hospice patients, meeting up each midnight to tell sinister stories.

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