Anime Lovers Can’t Get Enough of ColourPop’s Makeup Collections

If you love anime and makeup in equal measure, ColourPop Cosmetics is about to become your new favorite brand. They launched many pop culture-themed makeup collections over the years, and some of their latest drops pay homage to our all-time favorite anime series.


Naruto is one of the most beloved anime of all time, and ColourPop Cosmetics’ latest collection puts it front and center. The color palette is inspired by the signature shades of its main characters—Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke—and you’ll find everything from pressed power palettes to gel liners and glitter gels in this brand-new makeup drop.

Sailor Moon

ColourPop’s anime-themed collections have been going stronger than ever this year, but they’re nothing new. They kick-started this trend with their Sailor Moon line in 2020, featuring shadow palettes, blushes, and flip kits, and they became such a huge hit that they ended up restocking this collection.

The Legend of Korra

ColourPop created a lot of buzz with their Naruto makeup line, but this isn’t their first anime-themed collection of 2023. Back in March, they surprised The Legend of Korra fans with a wide range of amazing products, including liquid shadow sets, lip crèmes, and shadow palettes in earthy tones.

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