5 Tourist Attractions You Can Visit for Free Wherever You Are

Your list of travel expenses will be pretty much endless during every trip, and you should try to save some money wherever you can. Each city you visit is home to many attractions you can explore without spending a dime, and these five usually fall under that category.

Stunning Architecture

You don’t have to step inside any iconic buildings to enjoy their architecture. They look equally stunning from the outside, but some can be entered for free, including churches, cathedrals, and libraries.

Relaxing Parks

Pretty much every major city is home to several amazing public parks, and they offer a great escape from the hustle and bustle of big cities—free of charge.

Street Art

If you’re a huge art lover with a limited budget and can’t afford to visit museums and galleries with expensive entrance fees, enjoying local street art is always an option.

Busy Local Markets

Local markets are another popular tourist attraction you can explore on a budget. It’s likely you’ll spend some money on street food and souvenirs while there, but you’ll never have to pay to enter.

Beautiful Beaches

If the city you’re visiting is located near the coast or a river, it’s probably home to several beaches that are free to access.

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