5 Amazing Food Collabs That Will Give You the Taste of the Barbie World

Barbie fever has taken the world by storm, and pretty much every major brand wanted to join the celebration. The release of this movie triggered a wave of delicious collaborations that we didn’t see coming, and we’re bringing you five foods and drinks that captured the taste buds of Barbie fans from all around the world.

Burger King Brazil

Burger King gave us one of the most popular food-themed collabs with their Barbie burger featuring pink sauce, and also added French fries, and milkshake topped with pink donut to the mix.

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery sparked a viral trend with their Pink Cotton Candy ice cream shake, and we’ve seen countless TikTokers buy it only so they could film viral videos that show them transforming into Barbiefied versions of themselves after drinking it.


Lemonade is the ultimate summer drink, and zero-sugar beverage company Swoon put a Barbie-inspired twist on it by launching a drink that blends the flavors of strawberry and lemon into a single beverage.


Pinkberry jumped on the Barbie bandwagon by putting a Barbiefied twist on their signature frozen yogurts and created a new version that you’ll enjoy if you love strawberry and dragon fruit.

Krispy Kreme Philippines

Krispy Kreme prepared a special treat for Barbie fans in the Philippines and rocked their world with delicious pink and blue sugar-glazed donuts.

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