4 Pimple Patches That Will Heal Your Blemishes in No Time


If you suffer from the odd pimple or have a monthly breakout, then pimple patches are going to become your new best friend. Gone are the days of picking your blemishes with dirty fingernails and covering up the damage with some concealer. These patches are designed to shrink the pimple quickly and prevent you from touching it and leaving a scar. Here are four of the best Pimple Patches for you to try.

Mighty Patch, The Original

These transparent patches will cover your blemishes and they are formulated with medical-grade hydrocolloids to dry them out and slow the growth overnight.

Zitsticka, Goo Getter, Spot Clarifying Dots

These patches are smaller than the rest but are just as powerful, they stay on, accelerate skin regeneration, they protect the spot from fingers and any outside environmental toxins, and the goo is extracted.

Sweet Chef, Carrot Ginger Blemish Rescue Patch

These come in an array of sizes, so no matter how small or large the pimple area is, they have it covered. They will help to heal the painful zits and help to calm the skin down around it.

Rael Beauty, Miracle Patch

These patches are very thin and transparent, so you can actually wear them during the day without people noticing. They work better for the pimples that have already come to the surface so it stops you from squeezing and picking and making it much worse.

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