3 Tips for Recreating Celebrity Workouts in a Fun and Realistic Way

Many people see celebrities as a source of fitness inspiration, only to realize their workout routine is expensive and unachievable for everyone else. Luckily, there are ways to put a fun and realistic twist on celebrity workouts, and these three tips and tricks will get you there.

Set Your Goals

Chances are you’re not training for an action movie or a world tour, so there’s no need to work out as intensely as your favorite celebs. Set fitness goals that make sense for you, and figure out which parts of the celebrity routine fit into that.

Keep an Open Mind

Before embracing a celebrity workout, keep in mind that they have access to some things you can’t afford, such as top trainers and nutritionists. Opt for a routine that fits your needs, and don’t pressure yourself to do everything the same way. There are some parts of their routine that you won’t enjoy so replace them with different exercises that suit you better.

Right Equipment

Celebrities often have well-equipped home gyms that most people can’t afford. Instead of wasting a fortune in an attempt to copy them, simply join a local gym that already has all the machines that your fitness routine calls for.

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