3 Pasta Salads for When It’s Too Hot to Cook

We love pasta at all times of the year, but when the weather is as warm as it is, the thought of a steaming bowl of pasta is less appealing than usual. Thankfully, pasta can be enjoyed at all temperatures. These are the pasta salads getting us through the summer. 


This is a take on the Italian classic. Cook your pasta until al dente (we think bowties look super cute in this), then toss with sliced cherry tomatoes and balls of fresh mozzarella. Caprese traditionally includes basil which you can add in the form of leaves pesto.


This salad calls for soba noodles, but ramen will work well too. Begin by shredding some carrots and purple cabbage, then boil some edamame beans and chop up some scallions. Drizzle on a soy, honey, and ginger dressing, and top with toasted sesame seeds.


The Mediterranean diet has been called the healthiest in the world, so why not incorporate a little pasta? If you want to uber healthy, you can use brown pasta. Chop up some cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese, then combine them with olives and cooked penne. Pour over an olive oil vinaigrette to bring it all together.

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