2024 Makeup Trends to Try

Makeup is a great way to express ourselves as there’s so much room for creativity. It’s also ideal if you like trying different styles for yourself, as you can play around with different looks each day. Trends in makeup are always changing, and here are some 2024 trends that you should try. 


This makeup product has seen various waves of popularity over time and is now having a comeback. Makeup trends for 2024 are favoring a pared-back but glowy look for the skin. To achieve this, opt for light coverage and then gently dot some highlighter on the cheekbones.

Bold Eye Color

This look is super fun to play around with and has been popping up all over the place. Blue in particular is having a revival, but any strong color and interesting presentation will get you some major style points for the upcoming year. 

Ombre Lips

This is a look that is bound to impress but isn’t actually too hard to pull off. An easy option is to choose a dark lip liner and then gradually add different tones that become lighter towards the center of the mouth. Cover this ombre with shimmery lipgloss for a super polished result. 

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