10 Things To Do With Those Blue Jeans You’re About To Toss

Blue Jeans were first invented as the poor man’s pants. The tough blue denim held together with rivets were worn by workmen, but today blue jeans can cost thousands of dollars. Give your denim second life with these ten DIY ideas.

Easy Nail Pouch – Cut away the pants leaving only the waist with the pockets. Fill the pockets with nails and refasten the waist – hammer away!

Pencil Holder – Cut away the pocket and re-glue to a cabinet to slip your pencils in.

Repair a Rust Spot – You can smooth over a rusted out patch in your old beater by dipping a swatch of denim in liquid fiberglass and spread it over the hole. It will harden and patch the hole up.

Insulation Helper – That’s right, with a little bit of denim you can plug up the holes in window gaps. Dip strips of denim in a mixture of borax and water and slip them into. The denim will seal up the gaps and keep you toasty warm in the winter.

A Brand New Shop Weight – Cut off the pant leg, sew the bottom up, fill with sand and then sew up the top. You’ve got a perfect shop weight to do the heavy work for you.

Heating Pad – With a small variation on the Shop Weight, your denim will soothe sore muscles. Instead of sand, fill with rice and slip that sucker in the microwave. Enjoy your new heating pad!

Strong Ties – Don’t let the double seams go to waste. Cut out these strong bits of fabric and use them when you need tiebacks.

Patterned Paint – Use old bunched up old jeans for a mottled paint job. It adds character.

Tool Wrap – Cut off the pant leg and rip out the inseam, leaving the end attached. Lay your tools out and roll them up, tie with the inseam.

Ladder Guards – For painting and gutter jobs, protect the siding of your house with the tough denim but putting patches where your ladder touches your home.


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